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Scorecards are the most important printed product for any golf course. They are handed to every client, members and visitors alike and are viewed and used throughout the duration of a round. A bespoke design unique to your brand, is vital to presenting your course in a professional manner and leaving a lasting impression on your golfers.

Every year we produce over 45 million scorecards for courses and resorts in the UK and Europe. Our service stands out because we understand the benefits of golf scorecard advertising. This means our products are both useful for players and part of your marketing efforts. Including sponsored brand material in scorecard designs can be a great way of lowering your costs, while simultaneously supporting local businesses. We are creative with our products and can help clients decide which golf scorecard template is perfect for them. Alternatively, we can create a unique design specifically for your course.

What page format scorecard are you looking for?


Large Format

Eagle’s Large Format Scorecards (also known as the Grande range) have become a very popular choice for golf clubs looking for a page format that can incorporate increased visibility for grid data, map detail, pin position information and a larger sponsorship advert. Ultimately this means clarity in the way the information is presented to the golfer. With additional print and finish embellishments available, such as spot colouring to maintain brand consistency, rounded corners which is very popular, and also a sand textured finish to the scorecard, the Large Format scorecard is a fantastic way to show your club’s passion for golf.


Classic Card

As the name suggests, the classic single fold scorecard has the traditional size formula to portray your clubs course data effectively.
Eagle's carefully selected board stock provides the rigidity for a top quality scorecard that sets the tone for your branded collateral.


Six Page Card

The extra panels can be used for overall course maps, pin position guides, slope information, sponsorship or health and safety messages. Eagle's finishing ensures a neatly finished scorecard that pays particular attention to creases, folds and trim.


Eight Page Card

The extra space gives the opportunity for essential information to be made available.


Two Page Card

The single panel scorecard is ideal for your 9 hole/academy courses or special event cards.

Portrait Grids 

Landscape Grids

Additional Information