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We sincerely hope you enjoyed the first edition of Eagle News. We have had some great feedback so we do thank everyone for taking the time to contact us. 

This week, Daryn Cochrane from Pollok Golf Club in Scotland has provided us with some great responses to our questions in the weekly Golf Industry Profile, including some tremendous memorable shot stories. We also put our very own Liam Burns in the interview hot seat to see what he had to say in terms of who would join him to make up that dream four ball and who he would invite over for dinner. We have again included a tip to try and help those working from home. 

Easter is upon us and whilst the prevailing circumstances around us will indeed limit what we can do this weekend, in 2020, we can surpass the simple phone call with video calling and there are numerous Apps for smart phones, tablets and laptops which will allow us to connect with family and friends. Of course, the appeal is to still observe government guidance on remaining at home, social distancing and only essential travel but hopefully, with some technological creativity, people will be able to reach out to each other and still enjoy Easter. 

Whilst it is only a few weeks old, there is something that is taking place that has certainly galvanised people and brought them together - the inspiring “Clap For Carers” which is now a weekly event. People stand outside across the nation at 8:00pm each Thursday and clap for people who are risking their own health and well-being to keep us safe and to save lives. So please, where possible and where able, open your front door this evening at 8:00pm and put your hands together to recognise and thank the tireless and committed efforts of the ladies and gentlemen of the NHS and if you are in Ireland, to recognise the fantastic work of the HSE. 

Happy Easter - stay safe, stay healthy and please take care, 

From Everyone at Eagle. 


This profile for this week is of Daryn Cochrane, from Pollok Golf Club in Scotland. Daryn has shared a superb memorable shot story with us, along with two memorable shots that he has witnessed first-hand from Tour Professionals Sir Nick Faldo and Mark Calcavecchia. So please read on and enjoy Daryn’s profile.


Is there an interesting fact about you that few people know, but you are willing to share? 

I studied Zoology at Aberdeen University. 

Working from home will be new to many and a challenge for others – what are you top three tips for working at home?
A comfy chair. 
A door that closes. 
Copious quantities of coffee. 

We are hearing many stories of people coming together across the nation to help in this current crisis. Do you have a story here where you, your staff, your club or even one of your members is making a wonderful contribution during these challenging times?
We handed all of our perishable food, as I'm sure most people did something similar, to a homeless charity in Glasgow City Centre to be distributed out. We are also trying to do something similar for our frozen goods. 

When this is all over and a sense or normality returns, what is the first thing that you are looking forward to doing?
Playing golf would be too obvious and there are so many things that I'm missing - so enjoying a pint with pals, watching the Warriors again and getting to visit my niece and nephew with my daughters. 

What is your favourite club in the bag and why?
8-iron because it is easy to hit and generally still goes straight. 

We have all experienced that one shot that as we recall, could well be the greatest shot that we have ever played. What is your most memorable shot in golf?
My own is a shot that wasn't memorable for its quality, but easily the best I've felt after making a golf swing. I was teeing off in my first event as a Professional at Auchterarder GC and the boy I was playing with teed off, hit the wall in front of the tee and duly watched the ball fly past us onto the putting green. Just being able to get over the wall and find the fairway after that with my nerves shot to pieces was a terrific feeling! In addition though, two shots that I've witnessed have been imprinted on me forever : 

1. Nick Faldo hitting a 3-iron from just behind a tree into a green 200 yards away at the USPGA in Inverness, Ohio. He kept it under the branches of the tree and the same height the entire flight of the ball (what seemed no more than 4 foot of the ground). He flew the green and I'm still trying to work out how he did it......

2. Mark Calcavecchia on the practice ground at a tournament in America (forgotten which one) hitting a 7-iron on to the top of a telegraph pole about 165 yards away - he never missed the entire time I was sat watching him.......

And finally… have chance to invite any three guests to join you on the first tee for a round of golf, who would make up that dream four ball and why?
Seve because it would just be great watching him up close, Darren Clarke for the beers and stories afterwards and Arnold Palmer because he's the King. 

Photograph of the superb Club House at Pollok Golf Club, Glasgow, Scotland.

Working From Home Tips

In our golf industry profile this week, Daryn Cochrane provided us with three great tips for working from home. It seems to be that overcoming distractions is a key area that people are mentioning. Well, Daryn looks to have it right by suggesting a door that closes is one way to prevent the distractions and to create some solitude. Not always easy but it is something to really try and do. If you are able to work in a room at home where you can shut the door and be on your own, then do it – but perhaps use some balance here throughout the day and with family members – if the door is closed, it means do not disturb (i.e. complete concentration time); if the door is open, then you are sending the message that someone in your household can disturb you if they want to. Try this door open and door closed tip if you want to define your focused time and your able to be disturbed time. You might also want to consider using this when you get back to your office at the golf club – a lot of people who spend time coaching others in terms of working effectively use this open and close door tip to define times to visit and times not to disturb.