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Course Measurement

In the event of making changes to tees or to the layout of the course in any way, it is essential to have your course measured and re-certified by a specialist. EAGLE are officially qualified to measure and certify courses. For complete accuracy, we use the latest portable laser measuring equipment, responsible for measuring over 1,500 courses nationwide. Certification is completed with the issue of a Measurement Certificate for your Medal, Mens and Ladies courses. These certificates are recognised by all the UK and Irish Golf Unions.

Measurements are made to determine horizontal distance from the teeing ground to the centre of the green along the designed line of play. This means that line of sight uphill or downhill measurements must be corrected to horizontal distances. For example, on a downhill hole the recorded distance is that from the teeing ground to a point in the air above the centre of the green, that point being level with the tee. If two or more sets of tees are in common use, separate measurements and yardage markers must be established. Holes are measured a minimum of 4 yards from the back of each tee to the centre of each green through the dogleg/ pivot point.

The movable tee markers used to designate the teeing ground (see The Rules of Golf, Definitions) need to be consistent in colour or design from one hole to the next and clearly distinguishable from the tee markers from other teeing grounds on the course. The actual colour, design or other method for identifying a particular set of tee markers is up to the Handicap Committee in consultation with the Committee in charge of the course. Course Handicap Tables, scorecards, and signage where scores are posted, should use the same terminology in referring to the name, colour or design of the various tees.


Eagle Certification

Certification is completed with the issue of a measurement certificate for each of your sets of tees. These certificates are recognised by CONGU and Golf Federations throughout Europe.

Measurement data storage
We retain all of your data on our system. In the event of a minor amendment to one of your tees that can be accurately measured back to an existing measure mark, provided we have already measured your course, we will be able to amend the data and issue a new certificate. 

Data capture
Our surveyor collates all measuring data during the site visit. They will measure the depth of each green in addition to measurements from tee to green via any dog-leg points as necessary. This information is then stored on our database.