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It is with great sadness that the entire team at Eagle announce the passing of Jeff Bateman.

Jeff had over 40 years experience in the print industry and was involved with Eagle Print from the very beginning. Any clubs or courses that have ever purchased an Eagle scorecard or any golfer who has ever marked a score on an Eagle scorecard, did so on a card made by Jeff and his team. Setting Eagle Print up initially in London and then moving several years later to Rainham in Essex, Jeff was key in developing the print side of the business for Eagle from day one and over time, establishing it as a market leader. His contribution is difficult to quantify in words other than to say that the print business at Eagle is only where it is today because of the dedication and commitment of Jeff Bateman.

For many of us in the golf industry who knew Jeff, we did so because of his print skills and his experience in producing printed products. However, in taking the time to read the numerous messages of condolences posted online, we have all discovered much, much more about Jeff.

For example, many of us could only dream about gracing the stage at the Royal Albert Hall and walking out to a packed house, accepting the applause and then commencing the performance. For Jeff, this was not a dream and very much a reality as he enjoyed a wonderful music career and performed live on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in the 1970s. In fact, Jeff’s music was to be a large part of his life into the 1980s and 1990s and perhaps, it was never far from his heart at all.

Then there was his passion for Amateur Radio which created an entirely new circle of friends who with Jeff, reached out across the world to various people on various band widths, pointing antennas in all directions, waiting for the crackle of a voice to appear.

For those of us who worked with him, spoke with him or met him, it was very clear to see the incredible knowledge that he had and the wealth of experience that Jeff brought to the world of print. Jeff’s passion for putting ink on board is what became his life-long career. You could pick up the phone to ask his advice and guidance and you would receive just that. In his company, you could instantly tell that Jeff knew what he was talking about and he would share his wisdom with you, eventually solving a problem and finding a solution. Whilst at the time of his passing our movements have been largely restricted with many of us confined to being at home, there are too many names to count who have stepped forward by email or social media to express an almost identical sentiment : with his passing, Jeff Bateman will be very sadly missed.

Of course, Jeff was a wonderful family man and there are numerous stories of holidays abroad, particularly Summer breaks in France and the family just loving their time together. He was certainly a beloved husband and father and Jeff is survived by his wife Mary and his two sons, Ian and Tim.

Tim Webb, CEO of Eagle and on behalf one everyone in the company, paid tribute to Jeff : “A key cog in our organisation is now missing. It is a struggle to put into words what Jeff has not only contributed but what he has meant to the people at Eagle, to his industry friends and to our clients. Jeff will be sorely missed by all of us on a daily basis. Our deepest condolences are extended to Jeff’s family at this very sad time. Rest in peace, Jeff and thank you for everything that you have done.”