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Protecting your club from Covid-19

Protect staff, members and visitors and reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus.


Covid-19 Eagle Range


Covid-19 Tacit Range

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Tacit has developed what it is calling a ‘Covid-19 Clip’ so that golfers do not need to touch the flag when the lockdown period ends and playing the game can resume.

At the end of last year Tacit Golf introduced the ‘Tacit Lifter’ – a tube with a basket attached to it that is fitted over a flagstick, which meant then that golfers did not have to put their hands into the cup to retrieve the ball, ensuring damage to the golf hole was prevented. This was primarily brought in because the Rules of Golf changed in 2019 and allowed for golfers to putt with the flag in the hole.

People are now understandably concerned, more than ever, as to what items they do touch and if they can avoid contact where possible, that is indeed a positive outcome. When golf does start to be played again the UK, the combination of the ‘Tacit Lifter’ and ‘Covid-19 Clip’ will allow golfers to retrieve the ball by positioning their putter under the clip and pulling upwards. This means they do not have to touch the flag – significantly reducing the risk of them catching coronavirus.



Similar to the ‘Tacit Lifter’ and ‘Covid-19 Clip’ comes the Tacit Players Foldable Carry Rake that will allow a golfer to put a rake in the golf bag that will mean that should that same golfer suffer the unfortunate situation of a bunker shot, they can use their own rake to smooth the sand rather than touch an existing rake.

Weighing in at only 0.18kg, which is less than half the weight of a normal golf club, the Tacit Players Foldable Carry Rake will not a burden a golfer carrying a bag or pushing it on trolley; what it will do is help to reduce the potential risk of catching and spreading coronavirus.

These Tacit Players Foldable Carry Rake would make a great stock item for the Pro Shop to sell to members / visitors. Don’t forget, you may need to consider including a Tacit Players Foldable Carry Rake in with your rental sets and charging for that so that those people renting golf clubs will also not have to touch other rakes on course (charging an additional fee here should mean that the golfer retains the rake after the round and takes that away with them to use again in the future).



For golf clubs and golf courses, Tacit and Eagle have produced support the NHS and HSE flags that can proudly be flown on the main flag poles and on pin flags. Proceeds from the sale of these respective flags will go to the NHS Trust and HSE and this money can then in turn be used to purchase more personal protective equipment (PPE) or emergency items such as ventilators. The flags themselves will be an excellent way for golf clubs across the UK and Ireland to show their support and to recognise the incredible contribution that these healthcare professionals are making in these difficult times.

Tim Webb, CEO of Tacit and Eagle commented : “The bravery, hard work and dedication of NHS and HSE workers is quite simply amazing and all of our staff have been putting their hands together on a Thursday evening to applaud them and to let them know that we are here, we are with them and we are united in showing our gratitude. Now we are hoping that clubs will purchase a flag that can proudly be flown to show their support whilst at the same time, this will raise money for the NHS Trust and HSE.”