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Continue to Fly the Flag for NHS and HSE

Are you Flying the Flag for NHS and HSE?

With only skeleton green keeping teams working at the majority of golf clubs, we sincerely thank those who this week sent in their photos of their NHS flags flying proudly. We have included some of the photos here and of course, you can still order a flag to show your support for the NHS and HSE.


Tacit and Eagle have produced flags that can proudly be flown on the main flag poles and on pin flags on course. Proceeds from the sale of these respective flags will go to the NHS Trust and HSE and this money can then in turn be used to purchase more personal protective equipment (PPE) or other emergency items. The flags themselves are an excellent way for golf clubs across the UK and Ireland to show their support and to recognise the incredible contribution that these healthcare professionals are making in these difficult times.

Tim Webb, CEO of Tacit and Eagle commented : “The bravery, hard work and dedication of NHS and HSE workers is quite simply amazing and all of our staff have been putting their hands together on a Thursday evening to applaud them and to let them know that we are here, we are with them and we are united in showing our gratitude. Now we are hoping that clubs will purchase a flag that can proudly be flown to show their support whilst at the same time, this will raise money for the NHS Trust and HSE.”


To order your flag, please contact :

Tacit on 01788 568818 or through the website
Eagle on 01883 344244 or through the website

 Share your NHS pictures with us on instagram @eaglegolfuk @tacitgolf #supportourNHS