The Challenge

From a customer-facing perspective, Wortley Golf Club was outdated. Their branding consistency was non-existent, their signage hadn’t been updated for a long time and their members had a very limited online experience. Wortley needed to modernise the look and feel of their logo and branding and project a consistent message through their signage and marketing material. They also needed to look into investing in digital products to give their members a better online experience.

The Process

Wortley briefed Eagle that their new look must be something that was fresh, appealing and recognisable. Eagle leveraged the already recognisable essence of their old logo and modernised it for the 21st Century. Eagle’s signage team conducted an audit of the premises deciding that a full course signage upgrade as well as a customer journey signage project was required to enhance the experience when playing at the course. Wortley also sourced a number of sponsors who were willing to fund the signage in return for the consistent coverage they received. Eagle’s digital team worked with Wortley on an mobile app brief that allowed the club to communicate more efficiently with their members through the mobile platform.

The Outcome

Now that Wortley have a brand guidelines document in place, all of their marketing and communication messages are consistent and resonate from the same hymn sheet. Golfers have commented that they are less confused about what Wortley stands for as a club. The new signage has been a huge step up for the club and our course Wortley’s course is now much more visitor-friendly. Being an old established members club with a lot of history, it was always going to be a challenge to uptake the mobile app. Partnering with the market leaders gave the committee and the members that much more confidence to take the leap. The app has been received brilliantly and is being widely used even outside of the golf club membership.

Other Works