The Challenge

Thetford were aware that there was a disparity between what Thetford had to offer and what people believed they had to offer. “Much of the change was driven by the fact that inferior courses appeared above us in various golf course surveys,” explains Mr Grubb. The management team at Thetford knew that they had a fantastic course and a great offering, but they were simply not being perceived as such. What they had was a marketing problem. This caused great frustration and it was beginning to manifest itself in financial difficulty and unwanted rumours.

The Process

The process began with identify the club’s shortcomings. Thetford’s marketing team walked their customer journey as if they were a prospective visitor and it opened their eyes to the lack of consistency. No brand guidelines were dictating the visual message they were giving out, resulting in lots of different versions of the logo and sloppy-looking signage. During the re-brand, Eagle were therefore briefed to maintain the club’s castle logo but to give it a modern look. We added in the club’s green as a strong compliment to the brand. Once this process was complete, one of Eagle’s experienced signage auditors developed a customer journey signage system and the new branding image was projected through this.

The Outcome

Having gone the extra step with getting their visual identity aligned, the signage now creates a really professional feel around the club. The new branding can be seen across their website and their scorecards as well as out on course, coverin all customer touch points. Thetford are now on a financially sound footing and are going from strength to strength. New visitors have also commented on the ease of directing themselves around the premises for the first time.

Other Works