The Challenge

Rochester and Cobham Park came to EAGLE for a new large entrance sign. It was at that point, when reviewing the logo to be used, that not only did it fall short visually of how Rochester and Cobham Park wished to be perceived as a Club, but also that there was no relationship between the icon and the title meaning that the logo was not versatile across a number of different formats and layouts. It was, therefore, decided that they required a re-brand and identity upgrade before investing in a signage and print collateral project in order to move forward and maintain their status. 

Starting from square one, a full audit took place at the Club as the management plotted their route to prosperity. At the time, the Club did not own a high-resolution logo, have a colour palette to work with and the website was not mobile-optimised. Of course, with a limited budget, there is a tendency to be lured into schemes that promise to cut corners and provide short term investment, but the experienced team saw past this, realising that the first step was to implement solid and authentic foundations before any progress could be made.

The Process

Rochester and Cobham Park briefed Eagle that their new look must be something that was fresh, appealing and recognisable. Eagle leveraged the already recognisable essence of their old logo and modernised it for the 21st Century. Eagle’s signage team conducted an audit of the premises deciding that a full course signage upgrade as well as a customer journey signage project was required to enhance the experience when playing at the course.


The Outcome

There is now a tangible sense of positivity at the Club. With a new responsive website and consistent identity, they now have all the foundations in place to market themselves effectively. Rochester and Cobham Park are planning an intensive marketing campaign that includes strategic partnerships with local clubs and communities, digital marketing and social media campaigns. John Aughterlony, Club Manager of Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club commented: “When we took the decision to enhance the quality and consistency of our signage, we chose Eagle as we wanted to ensure that the Rochester & Cobham brand and visual identity would be first class. We wanted to define our customer journey for both our members and visitors and in working with the design team at Eagle, we were able to deliver this. The feedback we have received has been tremendous and  I would recommend Eagle to any Club,  that are looking to enhance their appearance or re-position their branding”

Other Works