The Challenge

EAGLE were approached by Limpsfield Chart when they had just come under new management. Having never had a real marketing strategy in the past, the Club was admittedly ‘behind the times’ and needed to move forward rapidly to ensure that a Club with a fantastic history and a great 9 holes would survive into and beyond the 21st Century. Starting from square one, a full audit took place at the Club as the management plotted their route to prosperity. At the time, the Club did not own a high-resolution logo, have a colour palette to work with and the website was not mobile-optimised. Of course, with a limited budget, there is a tendency to be lured into schemes that promise to cut corners and provide short term investment, but the experienced team saw past this, realising that the first step was to implement solid and authentic foundations before any progress could be made.

The Process

EAGLE worked with Limpsfield Chart on a thorough brief that outlined exactly what the Club stood for and how they wished to be perceived going forward. The general consensus was that Limpsfield should be positioned as a warm & friendly Club that offered an enjoyable if not gruelling test of golf. ‘The 99 Club’ which offered a way to play ‘9 holes in 90 minutes’ to those wanting to fit golf into a busy schedule, was a product that they wanted to be at the heart of their marketing efforts.

EAGLE produced a fresh brand identity for both Limpsfield Golf Club and The 99 Club. The ever-present green colour and grasshopper logo that had been part of the Club since it’s inception courtesy of James Braid was utilised to produce a modern looking identity. This was then brought to life through a new customer journey and tee signage project as well as the Club’s stationery and print collateral.

The Outcome

There is now a tangible sense of positivity at the Club. With a new responsive website and consistent identity, they now have all the foundations in place to market themselves effectively. Limpsfield are planning an intensive marketing campaign that includes strategic partnerships with local clubs and communities, digital marketing and social media campaigns. All of these efforts are sure to be that much more powerful due to taking the extra steps to upgrade the Club’s visual identity. The feedback from management, members and new customers has been overwhelmingly positive.


Other Works