Golf club promotional videos are the most efficient way of presenting your course to prospective members, visitors, and even commercial sponsors. There are several different video options you can choose from, including a golf course flyover to show off the landscapes or close up videos. A hole-by-hole flythrough with a drone is becoming increasingly popular for showcasing your course in its best possible light. The images can incentivise new customers to want to play at your course and makes members proud to be a part of the community.

Arguably the best feature of video is that it can be showcased on virtually any platform. The content is highly engaging on your website, your social media pages, your mobile app, and on digital adverts. It is also easily shareable. EAGLE can create golf course videos to suit any requirements. Our team are professional and very passionate, possessing extensive skills that ensure they deliver outstanding results. You can rely on us to offer the kind of service you would expect from a celebrated production company. If you want to add movies to your advertising content we can do it for you. We can film golf players in action, do a flyover of the course and clubhouse, or take images of any other part of the site you want to show off.


The best way to transfer a message about your club in the shortest amount of time.


Video can be shared online across all social media platforms.


Video looks great on the latest smartphones and mobile devices and integrates with mobile apps.