Spare pages?

There are all sorts of opportunities to promote your club and course, and there's so much more to any club than meets the eye.
With some spare pages you can tell so much more about your club.

The history, perhaps the more famous trophies, something about the course architect, all give some additional insight about your club.

A page about the flora and fauna shows your club's environmental custodianship; or you can aim right at the wallet and show off your society packages, your Pro Shop and your membership packages and catering. Alternatively, you can make the whole guide a visual essay, and include in the best of the photography of the holes and aspects of the course.

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What about advertising?

Advertising means sponsorship income, but well designed adverts look a lot better than those that aren't. In fact badly designed adverts don't do anyone any favours.

That's why at Eagle we have a design resource to help your sponsors look their best - and making them look good will pay your club dividends, and encourage others to do the same.

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What about your Club's catering?

There are three things that are essential to a modern golf club: the presentation of the course, the welcoming attitude of the staff, and the quality of the food. Some golf clubs thrive on the reputation of their food, and a page with some good photography can make the most of your catering quality.

After all, it's what many of your visitors want to enjoy after they've played golf, isn't it?

So encourage them to have more than a bag of crisps!

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How much better can good photography make your course look?

There's a world of difference between a shot taken by an amateur and one taken by someone with an artist's eye for colour, light and composition.
It's the difference between seeing something ordinary, and a hole that looks so inviting that you just want to go there and play it.

Ask Eagle about commissioning people like Kevin Murray who took many of the pictures on this website.

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Has your course been measured properly?

Visitors want to know the yardage of the shots they're required to play, and expect you to help them. There are all sorts of reasons for making sure each hole is accurately measured, from Stroke Index reviews, tee lengthening and bunker renewal programs, to complete new holes, greens and tees. Even if the overall length of a hole doesn't change the hazards may, so it's essential to make sure your course measurement is completely up to date.

What about your Club Professional and the Pro Shop?

We're all consumers and there's nowhere to a golfer as fascinating as a well stocked Pro Shop. What does that new driver look like that you saw in the advert, look like what sort of clothing have they got, and have they got my size?

A page in the course guide is an ideal place to let others know about your Club Professional, and advertising his shop may also bring some useful sponsorship as well.

How easy are you making it for Society Organisers?

People organising society and corporate golf days need to decide much more than the choice of the course: there is the cost of the day and the choice of the golf format, to the administration of the competition, sourcing the prizes and the quality of the clubhouse experience,
catering, security arrangements, changing rooms - how easy does your club make things for organisers? A page in the course guide
can show how well you understand their needs and that you mean business.
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