There are more benefits than you can imagine if you provide useful, eye-catching golf bag identification products. EAGLE creates Golf Club bag tags that can be personalised and displayed on the bag of every member. They can contain details such as confirmation of membership and even gourse guides. In addition they can be branded with the Club information, helping to promote your Club. We provide a variety of tag options, including custom disc golf bag tags. They can be handed out to every member joining your community, making them feel involved and promoting your brand in the process. There is a wide array of different materials to choose from for your tags. Plastic, leather, and luggage style ones are very popular. If you want to make a really great impression, personalised golf bag tags made from engraved metal are perfect. Whatever material you prefer, EAGLE give you a variety of colours and sizes to choose from. Some formats allow for the printing of names, resulting in a custom tag for all members, while some are consistent in their design.