Golf Club Branding

Your branding dictates how you are perceived by the outside world.

A golf club's branding is made up of:

- Logo
​- Name
- Slogan
- Colour combinations
- Fonts

Your branding should be aligned to the position that you wish to occupy in the marketplace.

A golf club produces many branded items, ranging from your website and club clothing to your signage and scorecards. It is vitally important that all of these items are all aligned to emit a consistent message. The way to ensure this is the case is to have clearly thought-through branding. With good branding, your branded items will emitt a clear, consistent and powerful message. Without branding, the message is rudderless and, as a result, significantly less powerful.​

Great branding allows you to establish a presence in the marketplace that attracts and retains loyal customers over the long-term and for any golf club wanting to market themselves effectively, this is the first step that needs to be taken.

Your marketing starts with your branding.


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Establish your presence
in the marketplace
Empower your marketing Manage future branded
items easily

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