Membership Products

Separate yourself from the rest and stand out with some
eye-catching golf collateral.

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We create golf club bag tags that can be personalised and displayed on the bag of every member and they can be branded
with the club’s information, helping to promote your club. 

A member is proud of his or her club so make that membership bag tag something to behold and something that will always be displayed proudly on a golf bag. For your visitors, you may want to provide some tags as part of your check in to distinguish them and confirm that they have paid the correct fees and are playing the correct course.

We have several options here but even our budget options are of a quality that will hang on a golf bag for months to come; invest a little more, and you create a keep-sake for a golfer who will continue to display it and tell many, many others about the round that they had at your course (isn’t there something about the best form of advertising being word of mouth?).


Visitor/Guest Luggage Tag

The luggage tag is an ideal solution for combining a branded, full colour ticket with its own looping system. These are printed on standard or non-tear material.


Standard Membership/Visitor Tag

Slightly larger than standard credit card size, the Membership Tag is moulded from a 840 microns
flexi-plastic, with rounded cornering and a slot for a strap.


Member Leather Tag

For a premium quality membership tag, the leather tag is a perfect addition to the golfers welcome pack. These can be branded with embossing and foiling options.


Premium Member Metal Tag

The metal bag tag created with specialist engraving and enamel painting, gives a premium branded bag tag option for your club. Available in gold, silver or bronze antique